Frequently Asked Questions

The Gabay-Program will maintain a record of the original debt of $100 , and will show ‘Balance Outstanding $80'

Receipts are [posted against actual payments. The system will a record of the $8 credit.

 Everyone gets their own membership record. Set-up one record for the divorcee, setting the ‘divorced' flag and showing her as the Head of the Family. Set-up a separate record for each child, under the ‘family' section you can enter the relevant parents.

 You can add the adopted parents names in the family fields, while in the ‘Brachot for Aliya' in the Family section you can add the true parents names.

There is no limit to the number that be recorded. You can record the departed ones as ‘Members' in the table of Memorial dates (see the full description in the help file on that screen)

Each family has only one person marked as Family Head. Go to the Report Screen and at the selection screen enter this request (see fuller explanation at the Report Screen)

From the top menu chose ‘Accounting'. From here select Individual billing. By selecting all the shul members (or those that you need to bill) you can bill all of them at once. You can chose to do this in line with their discount as shown on their membership cards, or you can override this.

There are at least 3 reports that give this informaion: 1.In the Events Report mark the reqired Shabbat (by selecting the correct Parasha and the type of event) 2.Annual Events report 3. Recommended Aliya to the Torah Report - which shows each member with Yahrzeit in that week

 Los recibos son emitidos en el programa Gabay cuando tiene lugar el pago. El sistema generará una factura de 80$ y mantendrá un registro de los 8$ de crédito en la cuenta del miembro.

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